Many of the products and systems integrated by Renaissance come with warranties extending anywhere from thirty days to three years. However, warranties expire and often do not include advanced replacement or same day service. As a result, we offer service plans and product maintenance agreements to protect your investments when a system outside its warranty has a failure.

Service Plans

Some of the systems and products we integrate will need to be serviced regularly to remain operational. Whether this is due to continual lifecycle maintenance or accidents and failures, Renaissance will be available to get your systems back on track. It can be challenging for onsite staff to keep abreast of all the products and systems that must be monitored and adjusted throughout their lifecycles. Locating, procuring, and storing replacement parts and manufacturer contact information is also laborious to manage. Renaissance provides service plans which can include regularly scheduled tests, maintenance, upgrades, and emergency replacements in the event of failures or accidents.

Product Maintenance Agreements

Certain integrated systems need to be operational to guarantee security. Fire safety systems must to be maintained regularly, video surveillance and access control systems need to be adjusted to reflect seasonal changes and network changes. When a device within a vital system fails, it can negatively effect operations throughout your organization. These devices need to be replaced as soon as possible so your business can return to normal. Renaissance is able to provide product and system specific maintenance agreements covering emergency replacements and regular maintenance. This can help your building comply with regulations and it can provide immediate response when vital systems need to be fixed.




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