Investment Integration

The pace at which new technology is developed can be astounding. New products and systems offering tangible advantages for organizations are constantly being implemented. In some cases, integrating these products can make past investments obsolete. To remain competitive and to maximize your budget, previous investments must remain useful. Renaissance has a wide array of products and partners so we can install a system which expands upon your previous investments into security, communications, and information technology. Instead of requiring entire network upgrades our installations have the capability to build upon the infrastructure that is already in place, saving time and money. We offer interoperable systems and products so forklift changes aren’t needed.

Meeting Requirements

Integrators must meet certain requirements themselves before work on any installation can begin. They may need to be licensed within the region, they may need to be union certified, or they may need to have specific product certifications. These requirements are for the customer’s protection and to guarantee support after the installation. If any single requirement isn’t met, the entire project can instantly come to a standstill. When a customer chooses to work with Renaissance they should do so knowing that all these requirements will be fulfilled. We install our systems up to and exceeding all the required specifications and the quality of the work we do onsite is equally diligent.





Aiphone Secure Door Access


Sapling Clocks

Perceptrak Systems

Milestone System

GE Security Starcall

Sony Video Cameras

exacq video vision