Fully Trained

We live in a plug-and-go world. No one wants to spend time reading a manual. Products are expected to work right, right now. Unfortunately, this approach can lead to questionable results, potentially compromising system integrity. When Renaissance installs a system, we spend the time necessary to educate the customer and their employees about the system’s proper operation. Renaissance believes in working through all the potential problems with a product before we ever recommend it to our customers. Knowledge and training are what separate us from the competition.

Renaissance technicians attend manufacturer and product specific certification classes for the security, communications, electrical, and network products we provide. We participate in and attend as many industry specific seminars and events as possible. We also keep up to date with security, networking, and electrical best practices by being active members of associations, unions, and groups dedicated to the integrity of each individual practice. We do all of this to make sure our customers receive the best possible end results.

     Practical & Forward Thinking

Renaissance strives to provide the highest quality, most cost-effective system to solve any customer’s problems. As a business, we understand that over-provision is a waste of resources. The goal is to bridge a gap for an organization. A more advanced product might be available, however, that product might not be the best fit for a specific environment when something simpler or something easier to install will meet the requirements.

Renaissance can also integrate technologically sophisticated systems and products within the security, communications and networking industries. We can utilize these technologies to future-proof your building, facility or school with systems that are flexible, scalable, sustainable and interoperable. Being able to leverage the newest technologies will allow your organization to adapt as your future business needs change.





Aiphone Secure Door Access


Sapling Clocks

Perceptrak Systems

Milestone System

GE Security Starcall

Sony Video Cameras

exacq video vision