ExacqVision VMS Software is an open architecture video surveillance and recording solution supporting both analog and IP cameras from multiple manufacturers. exacqVision is based on a client-server architecture providing the foundation for deploying everything from small single camera systems to large fully scalable and distributed corporate or campus systems with thousands of cameras.
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Leader in IP License Plate Recognition, Video Surveillance and Access Control Innovators, pioneers, leaders; that is who we are. Genetec challenges the standards of innovation in physical security and public safety with our unified security platform including IP license plate recognition, video surveillance and access control systems.
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XProtect is a powerful IP video surveillance platform that is easy to manage. XProtect scales from few cameras and basic needs to multi-site, multi-server installations with thousands of cameras and integrations to other systems.
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Perceptrak® focuses security operations on the visual information they need the most to protect people, facilities, and critical assets. It watches surveillance video around the clock and only alerts personnel to situations that require attention. Whether used for real-time, active monitoring or conducting more rapid, productive investigations, Perceptrak optimizes safety, security and operational effectiveness. Perceptrak is open-standards, IP-based software that seamlessly integrates with leading video management systems. It is an essential element of any enterprise video surveillance system.
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Sony provides many different camera options and configurations.


View-DR is Sony's latest Wide-D technology that is used in security cameras to produce images with an extremely wide dynamic range. With View-DR, the camera uses an electronic shutter to capture multiple images, to reproduce each frame. One image is taken using a 'standard' exposure time and either one or three images are taken using very short exposure times depending on the camera type.


Visibility Enhancer is a new Sony technology that optimizes the brightness and the color reproduction of an image dynamically on a pixel-by-pixel basis while adapting to the scene. If an image consists of very bright areas and very dark areas, VE makes the entire image easy to see by stretching the contrast in both the backlit portions and the shadows.


When performing IP conversion, Sony incorporates a technology called Dynamic Frame Integration (DFI) in some of its interlaced scan CCD network cameras so that both moving objects and still objects are clearly reproduced while taking advantage of the relatively high sensitivity inherent in interlaced scanning CCDs. IR illuminators allow operation even in complete darkness (0 lx)* without being noticed by the human eye. It is very effective where the environment cannot be lightened, but requires clear images in the dark.
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