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Stanley MyCall | Confidence to stay on the move with an
effective & affordable resident call system.

The MyCall® resident call system provides assisted living and other senior care facilities with an easily implemented solution to enable residents to call for help from anywhere within the facility.

• Personal coverage: call for help from anywhere
• Proven technology: built using wireless technology with a proven track record
• Easy installation: most components are wireless or use standard Ethernet cable
• Integrates with RoamAlert®: MyCall software

• Unlock doors remotely on a network
• Assist onsite visitors from any offsite phone
• Program daily bulletins & bell schedules
• Broadcast emergency announcements
• Communicate using a PC Master Station

     Stanley RoamAlert

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Stanley RoamAlert | The RoamAlert® system provides the most effective protection against patient wandering and staff duress.


The RoamAlert® system is your choice for comprehensive resident protection, with wander management, resident locating and more. Every patient requiring wander protection wears a small RoamAlert tag on the wrist or ankle, and every exit point of the department is electronically monitored. When a patient wearing a tag approaches an open exit, a Wander Alarm is generated.


Beyond this essential functionality, you have a range of options depending on your needs.


Basic perimeter protection

* The system alarms with a patient wearing a tag approaches an open exit. Alarms are displayed in the    software and can be sent to pagers with detailed information.
* Elevators are protected by special elevator controllers installed in the car. This simplifies multi-story    installations, and prevents unwanted detection in elevator lobbies.
* Use the optional Securaband tag and strap for a tough physical barrier to unauthorized removal.


Real-time patient supervision

* Each patient tag emits a regular signal that is picked up by a network of receivers throughout the    department. The system will alarm if the tag is not seen for a certain period.
* Locate a patient in real-time, down to the specific room if desired.


RoamAlert protecting staff

* With the same basic infrastructure above, and the addition of Pendant tags for staff, receive duress    alarms in real-time, with location information accurate to the specific room if desired.