Teacher Sound-Field Systems

     Sound-Field Technology


Hearing is a first-order event in a general education classroom, if children do not hear clearly and consistently, their academic potential is compromised.


Sound-field technology is an educational tool that can help manage the listening environment in the classroom. Since the first research project, on sound-field amplification system, some 20 years ago, there have been many studies testifying to their efficacy. When a classroom is equipped with a sound-field amplification system, all the children, regardless of seat location and the direction the teacher is facing, are able to hear the teacher.

     System Benefits

• Improved academic achievement
• Increase in student's attention span
• Increase on behavior management
• Increase in student's comprehension of oral directions
• Increased mobility for teachers
• Increase in seating options for students with fluctuating hearing loss
• An increase in signal-to-noise ratio (less competition with background noise)
• Decreased number of requests for repetition (saves class time)
• Decreased vocal strain and fatigue for teachers
• Decrease in special education referrals (ROI)
• Cost-effective means of enhancing the listening and learning environment.


A sound-field amplification system includes a wireless microphone/transmitter that the teacher wears, a receiver, an amplifier and 2-5 individual speakers or a single ceiling-mounted speaker. The teacher's voice is amplified and projected out into the classroom via the speakers so the students can hear the teacher equally well, no matter where they are seated in the classroom.

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