Why Integrated Systems?

Integrated systems provide real advantages when it comes to total cost of ownership, such as ease of installation and ease of maintenance. Total cost of ownership (TCO) involves not only the actual purchase and install fees, but training, maintenance, upgrades, replacements and service fees throughout the lifecycle of the system. The products which comprise integrated systems are easier to install because of their quality and interoperability. Integrated systems also need less maintenance due to their quality, mobility, and sustainability. Quality, interoperability, mobility and sustainability are the most important characteristics of integrated systems which lead directly to lower TCO.

  • Quality – Integrated systems comprised of quality products can be difficult to recognize, but provide many cost saving measures. Best-of-breed products can appear identical if you don’t know how to spot the differences. Every manufacturer claims their products are the highest quality available. Renaissance knows which products can be integrated to produce a quality system for your specific environment. Integrated systems consisting of quality products produce better results, have longer lifecycles, require less training, and less ongoing maintenance.
  • Interoperability – New devices don’t operate alone; they work together as a part of the entire comprehensive integrated system. All the products and devices need to communicate together. Unfortunately not all products are plug-and-go. The network facilitates communication between devices which is the basis for interoperability. This communication is based on protocols such as SNMP, TCP/IP, HTTP, IGMP, and MPLS. Renaissance can make sure all the integrated components are communicating. Interoperable products that work together will make installation, replacements, upgrades, and extensions to integrated systems much easier.
  • Mobility – The problems and threats integrated systems solve aren’t stationary. Your business, school or organization needs to be flexible to solve them. Integrated systems provide flexibility. Products such as video surveillance on school buses, or wireless connectivity throughout cities provide flexibility and mobility. This mobility allows your network to quickly and easily extend anywhere at anytime.
  • Sustainability – Integrated systems can be adapted, upgraded and extended, making them sustainable by design. New problems can come out of nowhere. Integrated systems can quickly install new features, thus adapting to solve these problems. Sustainable systems can upgrade when next generation products are ready, instantly becoming more efficient. Your organization will grow as times goes on, sustainable integrated systems grow with you and will extend to cover new operations. With integrated systems from Renaissance, you will never be locked in to unchanging, obsolete, fixed technologies.























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