HME - Wireless Headset Systems

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HME’s DX300 Wireless Headset System keeps you and your coaches
in constant touch throughout the game. It’s a winning solution!


Fast, Easy Set-Up
DX300 takes only minutes to set up on game day. It can be operated on electrical AC power or batteries.


Expandable to Fit Staffing Needs
The basic DX300 system enables five coaches to converse at the same time in two-way, hands-free mode - three via wireless and two via base station. The system can be easily expanded to accommodate a coaching staff of 20.

No Frequency Coordination Required
DX300 is designed so you can travel from game to game without concern for outside interference.
Its dual-slot diversity system detects the strongest signal for clear, uninterrupted conversations.


No Communicator Down Time
DX300 comes with a four-port battery charger and rechargeable, lithium-ion batteries that can be
charged even when all your communicators are being used during the game.