Proof of Concept

Proof that your investment into integrated systems will work is what Renaissance provides with our Proof of Concept approach. Before approval for the full scope of an installation is granted, Renaissance can deliver proof that the system will function as advertised. We can install base system components and prove the concepts behind its operation are viable before moving forward with the remainder of any integration.

New integrated systems bring with them periods of adjustment marked by problems that only become apparent when the system is operating in its new environment. We are experienced and knowledgeable enough to fix these problems by making the necessary modifications given the circumstances. Renaissance will always allow our customers to see the products in action producing results before any job is considered a success. Our Proof Of Concept approach both avoids situation-specific installation problems and provides proof that a large system will work before the final stages are approved.




Aiphone Secure Door Access


Sapling Clocks

Perceptrak Systems

Milestone System

GE Security Starcall

Sony Video Cameras

exacq video vision