We live in a fast-paced environment and at Renaissance we like to work in one, too. We are licensed and certified in all aspects of the integration process and work tirelessly to move your project forward. Choosing a full-service integrator is a true customer service experience and we hope to show that starting on day one.


Everything we do is focused on the your requirements. The choice of products and systems, the level of services, and the scope of the installation are all reflections of your needs, your specific problems and your unique specifications. Renaissance will work with you and your team of professionals to engineer and install the best integrated system possible.


If you are looking to leverage advanced technologies for your school or business, Renaissance can move you forward. Our partnerships with many of the biggest names in security, communications, and networking enable us to accelerate the capabilities of your organization.




Aiphone Secure Door Access


Sapling Clocks

Perceptrak Systems

Milestone System

GE Security Starcall

Sony Video Cameras

exacq video vision