Mobile Security

Wireless mesh networks provide connectivity for officers on patrol, emergency vehicles, and public transit systems. Streaming video evidence and information to laptops or PDAs in vehicles helps officers apprehend criminals and respond to critical situations with better intelligence. Mobile video security systems placed within public vehicles can protect passengers and employees alike.

The amount of infrastructure which must be installed to support a mobile surveillance system on a municipal basis is significant. Mesh nodes, backhauls, mobile DVRs, hundreds of vandal-proof video cameras and wireless transmitters all need to be installed and configured. When investing public funds, results must be demonstrated before large-scale deployment occurs. Expanding systems with a series of smaller steps is a valuable advantage. This could mean installing mobile DVRs and cameras in patrol cars, or engineering a mesh network covering vital locations first. Once these building blocks are integrated and operational, the next phase of the systems integration can begin. Renaissance can guide you through the correct steps to a finished solution that is mobile, flexible, and extensible.

     Facilities Monitoring

Providing physical security for public infrastructure is a costly operation to maintain when security officers are required to be onsite at all times. Video surveillance systems and advanced situation management systems can provide lower cost always-on monitoring. These systems add an array of unblinking eyes to your security efforts. They gather evidence in the event of crimes or accidents resulting in injury. Integrated security systems ensure that assets remain in place, safe and secure at all times. They assist and alert active employees, they guard critical assets against theft, fire, vandalism, and much more. The continuing return on investment these systems provide a municipality make it well worth the initial investment. Renaissance understands how to integrate these systems with your technology, your people, and your procedures so that your facilities and resources are kept safe and secure.


Renaissance has products and complete systems for any size municipality or public facility. Our products and integrated systems are currently in operation at the following locations:

Customer:  Village of Rosemont
Scope of Work:  Installation and services associated with Wireless Mobile Video Network.

Customer:  Village of Wilmette – Water Treatment Facility
Scope of Work:  Wireless and Wired Video Surveillance

Customer:  Circuit Court of Cook County
Scope of Work:  Wireless Audio Visual Upgrades

Customer:  New Horizon Center for the Developmentally Disabled
Scope of Work:  Video Surveillance, Access Control, Intercom, Multimedia AV System.

Additional references available upon request.




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