Security Solutions

Incidents often take place after hours and when school is not in session. Video surveillance products and access control products from Renaissance are always vigilant. These systems can monitor, deter, prevent, and provide actionable information. They will continue monitoring your facility on weekends and at the end of the day. When your investment into security captures and produces evidence of an incident, the effects of its impact will propagate. Vandals and other criminals will flee the reach of your security. Crime will move away from your building and your grounds.

Integrated security systems for schools and school districts include video surveillance, wireless video, and access control. These systems act as force multipliers to keep students, staff and facilities safe without requiring additional security personnel. When configured properly your complete security system will be able to immediately alert your current staff of threatening activity. This allows security staff to perform tasks other than monitoring. Intelligent surveillance and access monitoring systems from Renaissance are proven to provide operational efficiency and vigilant analysis.

     Intercom and Clock Systems

Intercom and clock systems are synonymous with school buildings. Today’s schools are no different, but the technologies these systems rely upon have evolved. Renaissance can synchronize your facility with an advanced intercom and clock system. Modern intercom systems utilize both video and audio to monitor access and provide critical communications. Sophisticated wired or wireless clock systems are easier to maintain and modify than previous generations. Finding an integrator who offers multiple advanced systems for your school will make your installation move forward faster.


Renaissance specializes in meeting the needs of schools and school districts. As you move forward, your integrated systems must be able to grow and expand with you. We have been instrumental in helping the following customers meet their integration demands:

Customer:  Leyden High Schools District 212
Scope of Work:  District Network Video Surveillance

Customer:  East Prairie School District 73
Scope of Work:  Video Surveillance, Access Control, Intercom and Multimedia A/V Systems

Customer:  Lincoln Park High School (Chicago Public Schools)
Scope of Work:  Video Surveillance System

Customer:  Rhodes School District
Scope of Work:  Video Surveillance, Access Control and Telephone Systems

Additional references available upon request.




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