Situational Awareness

In the past, traditional organizations maintained situational awareness by employing at least one team member who monitored a wall of video screens for potential threats. If suspicious activity was identified, commands were issued from the control room so a mobile team member could investigate. Modern video surveillance systems allow monitoring of video to occur remotely, and while team members are on patrol. The same degree of monitoring which took place in an isolated control room can now occur while officers are in action. The quality of security is increased by allowing staff to react to incidents faster and view live and recorded video of incidents themselves before investigating. Renaissance can integrate advanced video surveillance systems which both enhance the quality of security and allow your security team to do more with less. Situational awareness is maintained, costs are reduced, and security is more effective.

     Patrol Cameras

In managed residential communities and multi-tenant commercial locations it is challenging and expensive to provide a constant security presence. Either a security force must be hired or a complete video surveillance system must to be installed. The former creates recurring employment expenses, and the latter means running wires, setting up a storage system, and configuring cameras and software. In addition, surveillance monitoring of communal areas is often protested vigorously due to perceived invasions of privacy.

Renaissance has products and systems that allow you to install video security without running wires, without expensive servers and storage systems and without invasions of privacy. A wireless network integrated with remotely deployable wireless cameras and an attached storage unit in an environmentally protected enclosure is a perfect solution. The wireless approach adds placement flexibility as the system both captures and stores evidence to monitor your location. When an event occurs which requires investigation, video can be downloaded from the storage unit for evidence. When no notable events take place, video is not reviewed and there is no risk to public privacy.

     Complete Integration

No matter which new technologies your organization is looking to leverage, systems integration can help provide it. Information systems, wireless networks, physical security, and communications systems all can coexist within your facility. You can choose to place all of these systems on a shared IP network or you can build standalone networks. You can also integrate analog networks or combine them with IP networks. Regardless of your choice of infrastructure, each system can provide substantial business advantages. Renaissance has the networking experience, the technical training, and advanced knowledge in each area of the technology to make all the systems run smoothly. We will be there from day one to ensure your business gains every advantage our technologies provide.




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