Installation vs. Integration

Installations involve individual products placed at specific points within a network. These products are then combined to create a system which solves customer problems. This requires a technician who can plug in the correct cables, assemble products soundly, and adjust configurations optimally. Afterwards, the technician must tweak the system as necessary given the particular circumstances. Installers must be trained extensively in their products and systems so each project is done right the first time.

Integration is a relationship that provides products and services across multiple systems and operations. Integrators connect independent systems, people and operations together - from video surveillance cameras in a parking lot to security officers in a control center and everything in between. They must have a broad range of knowledge to fully understand the implications of adding a wireless network to your facility. Renaissance knows what must happen with your workforce when you implement a badge access control system.

As an integrator and an installer, Renaissance provides expert recommendations, engineering, physical installation and integration, training, maintenance and on-going support. When combined or delivered separately, these services lead to a perfect solution for any customer’s needs.

     Technical Skills

Being skilled with the products and systems we offer doesn’t simply mean we know how to install and configure them. An integrator who walks off a job after the systems are installed isn’t of much value to the customer. We recognize that each customer possesses a different level of comfort with advanced technology. We won’t leave your staff with questions about the products they will be required to operate.

As your network and facility changes on a daily, weekly or yearly basis, so will the demands placed upon the integrated systems. When the lights are turned out will your video motion detection still work? What about when your wireless nodes are covered with ice and snow, will your signal strength be compromised? Renaissance can help train and educate your staff to be prepared to keep your systems operational when conditions change. We know everything about the products we sell so our customers are never surprised or frustrated when things change.

     Product Selection

Integrators who only install and promote the products of one manufacturer or vendor can reap the benefits of larger profit margins. In these relationships, the selection of products and systems available to the customer is adversely affected. Limiting product selection leads to systems which are less reliable, less flexible and perform below expectations. Our systems are composed of the very best products regardless of who the manufacturer is so our customers reap the benefits.

Renaissance builds relationships with multiple manufacturers, vendors, and distributors so we can engineer a quality system for any situation. We combine quality products from multiple sources to give our customers exactly the level of performance they desire. This benefits our customers who are looking for systems that solve very specific problems.




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