What You Can Expect From Renaissance

You can expect experienced and technically trained individuals who are experts in moving your installation forward. You can expect us to deliver the correct system for each unique circumstance. Before, during, and after the installation you can expect us to guarantee and maintain all products. Renaissance highlights these as the critical factors which lead to excellent systems integration.

  • Training and Experience – Specific end results are attainable when a fully trained and experienced installation team deploys and configures integrated systems. Advanced training helps avoid common problems during the installation phase. Our experience with previous integration projects allows us to adapt to the requirements of each customer’s environment. After the installation we perform sufficient knowledge transfer to ensure your system operates at the highest level possible.
  • Quality that Works – Schools, facilities and businesses have specific problems that can benefit from integrated systems. The best solution is often a system combining quality best-of-breed products from multiple manufacturers. Most integrators work with a few specific vendors and manufacturers who offer limited product selection. Our wide array of partnerships helps us to engineer quality systems which can solve any installation’s unique problems.
  • Delivering Results – If new issues appear Renaissance will be ready to help you overcome them. Once a system is operating within a facility unforeseen circumstances often alter the technical requirements. When this happens Renaissance will be prepared to adjust and configure the system until the desired results are achieved. This Proof-Of-Concept approach allows our customers to avoid problems and delivers guaranteed results.

Company Mantra

Renaissance is certified, trained and experienced in moving you forward. Renaissance has a proven history of delivering integrated systems that are on time and under budget with guaranteed results. Everything we do is focused on moving your installation, your facility, and your capabilities - forward.





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